PULSA Series 680

Ever since its introduction, the PULSA® 680 metering pump has been one of our most popular products. Its winning combination of metering precision, rugged construction and affordability makes it your best choice for hundreds of applications. Pulsafeeder pioneered and perfected hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps. The PULSA® 680 is a result of over 50 years of pump research, development, and testing.

Operating Benefits:

  • Special Valve design facilitates quick removal of check valves without disassembly of piping
  • Flows up to 39 gph (147 lph), and pressures up to 3000 psi (207 bar)
  • Flooded Lubrication
  • Metering accuracy with a ±1% over a 10:1 flow range

Key Features

  • A worm drive and eccentric translate the rotary motion of a worm shaft into reciprocating linear motion by a plunger
  • The plunger displacement (and pump flow rate) is manually controlled by a 0-100% micrometer adjustment mechanism accurate to ±1%
  • A no-drift stroke lock mechanism maintains the accuracy of the stroke setting
  • A built-in make-up valve, bypass valve and bleeder valve, features normally found on more expensive pumps, keep the system hydraulically balanced for trouble-free operation
  • The life of the pump is extended by the use of needle bearings at the high load points
  • Long-term durability is achieved through the use of high quality materials in the drive train. The worm gear is made from Dynalloy® bronze

Control Options:

Electric Stroke Length Control

  • A fully electric PULSAmatic® stroke length controller is available for operation with electric instrument signals

Pneumatic Stroke Length

  • A fully pneumatic operator design for use with a typical 3 to 15 psi (0.2 to 1.0 kg/cm²) instrument air signal to produce 0 to 100% flow
PULSA Series 680

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