PULSA Series Hydracone R1

The HYDRACONE R1 is a reciprocating, single acting, combination piston, hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pump. The conical shaped diaphragm expands by controlled displacement of hydraulic oil on the discharge stroke. The diaphragm retracts from its own elasticity during the suction stroke. It is designed for negative suction pressure systems and is suitable for applications containing solids and abrasives or highly viscous fluids.

Operating Benefits:

  • Delivers accuracy within ±1% of pump rated capacity.
  • Can be used for batch or continuous process requirements.
  • Flows up to 25.6 gph (97 lph), and pressures up to 1200 psi (83 bar).

Key Features:

  • High performance Hypalon® or Viton® diaphragms for superior chemical resistance.
  • Reagent heads are available in 316SS, Alloy 20, or FPP.
  • Special high-quality Dynalloy® bronze worm gears for longer life.
  • Free acting, component-style guided ball valves promote pump accuracy and long service life and can be easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The pump will operate dry indefinitely without damage due to interruption of process fluid supply.
  • Automatic hydraulic by-pass valve relieves oil under excess pressure.
  • Totally enclosed weather-resistant gearbox.
  • All moving parts are positively oil-flooded, assuring perfect lubrication and extra protection against corrosion.
PULSA Series Hydracone R1

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