PULSA Series 340

The PULSA Series 340 is the smallest, most economical Pulsa Series pump. It has the precision, reliability, and muscle for tough jobs. It includes many features that are normally optional engineering features. It is ideal for handling corrosives, non-corrosives, high viscosities, slurries, and high-lift requirements in labs, pilot plants, CPI, water/wastewater treatment and other industries.

Operating Benefits:

  • 175 psig with a 10ft. suction lift capacity
  • Enclosed, flooded lubrication
  • Designed to resist weather, wear, corrosion, and punishment
  • Easily maintained and serviced because of its simplistic design and ready availability of parts

Key Features

  • Latest refinement in accurate, highly reliable, low-maintenance diaphragm pump technology
  • Hydraulically balances Hypalon® or Viton® diaphragm
  • Glass-filled polypropylene or 316SS HYDRACONE head
  • TEFC motor
  • Needle bearings at high load points
  • Built-in hydraulic bypass valve
  • Die-cast body and cover
  • PULSA Series leak proof operational design


PULSA Series 340

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