PULSAtron Series T7

The PULSAtron Series T7 pump was designed to feed chemical products on a timed schedule. Typical applications include the feed of biocides in open-air cooling towers. The Series T7 provides everything you need in one simple and cost effective metering system for timed applications.

The Series T7 is controlled by a 7-day programmable timer. The timer is programmable in 1-minute increments with up to 8 on/off cycles per day. Each timed event can be set to run any day of the week on a 7-day cycle. Other control features include a standby mode, continuous 'ON' mode and the ability to adjust the stroke length from 0-100%.

There is no need for a separate timer. All timer functions are integrated into the pump eliminating the expense of purchasing an installing another piece of equipment.

The event-based timer allows the Series T7 to be used for a wide variety of timed applications. The guided check valves with the proven seat and ball designs make the PULSAtron the most reliable metering pumps in the world. PULSAtron pumps are know for excellent suction lift characteristics resulting in highly dependable chemical additions.


  • Agency Approved
  • Complete Timer Control in One Unique Package
  • Solid State 7 Day Electronic Timer
  • Isolated from Eart GroundTeo Selectable Time Base Settings
  • Few moving Parts and Wall MountableWater Meter Input
  • Safe & Easy Priming

Member of WIOA Member of AWA Member of  the Pump Industry Australia

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