PULSAtron Series HV

The PULSAtron Series HV offers accurate metering of fluids with viscosities up to 20,000 CPS. The HV offers manual control, external pace via dry contact and even 4-20mA control.

Series HV has a guided check valves, with state-of-the-art seat and ball designs, providing precise seating and excellent priming and suction lift characteristics. The timing circuit is highly reliable and by design, virtually unaffected by temperature, EMI, and other electrical disturbances. The Series HV is also water resistant for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Five distinct models are available, having pressure capabilities to 150 PSIG @ 24 GPD, and flow capacities to 240 GPD @ 80 PSIG, with a turndown ratio of 100:1. Metering performance is reproducible to within +/- 2% maximum capacity. Materials of construction include PVC, Glass Filled Polypropylene and 316SS, with SS and TEF check balls and TFE valve seats.

Chemical liquid end materials that can be selected include PVC, PTFE and 316SS.


  • Agency Approved
  • Auto & Manual Control
  • Panel Indicator Lights
  • Viscosities to 20,000 cps

Member of WIOA Member of AWA Member of  the Pump Industry Australia

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