PULSAtron Series ET

The PULSAtron Series ET pump was designed to feed chemical in response to a water meter input. Typical applications include inhibitor feed for an open air-cooling tower. The Series ET provides everything you need in one unique, compact package to create a simple and cost effective metering system.

The Series ET counts pulses from a water meter. When the count exceeds a set value (either 1 or 10), the pump starts. The pump will continue to run for an adjustable time period.

There are two time ranges - either 2 to 200 seconds or 12 to 20 minutes. The setting is made by selecting a time base value (200 seconds or 20 minutes) and then setting the time base percentage from 1 to 100%.

The pump includes both input and output water meter connections at the front panel. The output connection provides an isolated dry contact output of the water meter contact to operate additional pumps or tim ers off the same water meter.

There is no need for a separate timer. All timer functions are integrated into the pump eliminating the expense of purchasing an installing another piece of equipment.

There are no complicated menu structures. Simply select the desired mode on the front panel and connect the water meter input.

There are two selectable time base settings. Choose the time base appropriate for your applications and set the percent value to run the amount of time you desire.

Our guided check valves with the proven seat and ball designees make PULSAtron the most reliable metering pumps in the world. PULSAtron pumps are know for excellent suction lift characteristic resulting in highly dependable chemical additions.


  • Agency Approved
  • Complete Timer Control in One Unique Package
  • Simple 'Mode Select' Knob, Stroke Length, Stroke Rate
  • Two Selectable Time Base Settings
  • Water Meter Input
  • Isolated Dry Contact Water Meter Output
  • Isolated from Earth Ground

Member of WIOA Member of AWA Member of  the Pump Industry Australia

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