PULSA Series 880

This rugged, leak-free hydraulic diaphragm style metering pump is designed for precise metering and long-term dependability. It incorporates a deceptively simple stroke length adjustment which Pulsafeeder has refined over the years of successful performance in the field.

Operating Benefits:

  • Flows up to 95 gph (360 lph), and pressures up to 1800 psi (124 bar)
  • Drive components carry a two-year warranty
  • Metering accuracy with a ±1% over a 10:1 flow range

Key Features:

  • A worm drive and eccentric translate the rotary motion of a worm shaft into reciprocating linear motion by a plunger
  • The plunger displacement (and pump flow rate) is manually controlled by a 0-100% micrometer adjustment mechanism accurate to ±1%
  • A no-drift stroke lock mechanism maintains the accuracy of the stroke setting
  • Product contamination and leakage are eliminated by the hydraulically actuated balanced diaphragm system
  • Long-term durability is achieved through the use of high quality materials in the drive train. The worm gear is made from Dynalloy® bronze
  • The pump mechanism functions under flooded lubrication within a large sealed reservoir for virtually “wear-free” operation

Control Options:

Electric Stroke Length

  • A fully electric PULSAmatic® stroke length controller is available for operation with electric instrument signals

Pneumatic Stroke Length

  • A fully pneumatic operator design for use with a typical 3 to 15 psi (0.2 to 1.0 kg/cm²) instrument air signal to produce 0 to 100% flow
PULSA Series 880

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